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Public Services Announcements expressing the joy and importance of being part of a child's life are appearing on Iowa television and radio stations. The PSAs focus on the importance of paying child support and staying involved in children's lives even though it is not always possible for a parent to physically be there.

The goal of the PSAs is to recognize parents who do the right thing and pay their support as well as to remind those parents who do not pay child support that they have a responsibility to pay. Paying child support is not only the right thing to do, it is also part of having a relationship with a child.

The PSAs are produced as part of a cooperative agreement between the Department of Human Services and the Iowa Attorney General's Office. The messages are aired by Iowa TV and radio stations at the discretion of the stations who choose to donate the time.

Video versions of the current PSAs are available by clicking below:

2006 Video PSA Announcements

Videos of "Josh", "Maria", "Lilly", "Robbie" (warning: large file 171MB)

Audio versions of previous PSAs are available by clicking below:

2005 Radio PSA Announcements

non-custodial Mom

Prior Radio PSA Announcements