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January 2015

1-22-15 Judge Bars DM Convenience Store Owners from Selling Synthetic Drugs, Orders $50,000 Penalty
1-13-15 Judge Issues Injunction against Deed Documents Solicitor after Miller Files Lawsuit

December 2014

12-30-14 Miller Files Seven Lawsuits for Alleged “Iowa One Call Law” Violations
12-22-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Call for Stricter Predatory Lending Protections for Service Members
12-19-14 T-Mobile to Refund Iowans under $90 Million Nationwide Cramming Settlement
12-18-14 Consumer Alert: Iowans Report Surge of Government Imposter Scams

12-04-14 SiriusXM to Refund Eligible Iowans over Misleading Advertising and Billing

12-03-14 Iowa Judge Bars Las Vegas Telemarketer from Selling Health Products to Iowans

October 2014

10-23-14 Amazon Agrees to Refund 1,100 Iowa Amazon Prime Customers
10-20-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Urge Senate Judiciary Committee to Support Act Targeting Online Child Exploitation
10-16-14 Iowa Judge Bars Las Vegas Health Products Marketer
10-08-14 Miller, States and Federal Regulators Reach $105 Million “Mobile Cramming” Settlement with AT&T Mobility
10-06-14 State Revokes California Online Lender’s License, Orders $1.5 Million Restitution for Iowa Borrowers

September 2014

09-30-14 Judge Bars Las Vegas “Cancer Cure” Pill Telemarketers
09-19-14 Iowans Receiving Buying Club Refunds
09-19-14 National Organization Recognizes Attorney General Cybercrime & Human Trafficking Investigator
09-09-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Urge FCC to Allow Phone Companies to Use Call-Blocking Technologies
09-04-14 Consumer Alert: Miller Urges Iowa’s Home Depot Customers to Monitor Credit Accounts

August 2014

08-29-14 Judge Orders Sioux Center Packing Company to Pay $54,000 for Environmental Violations
08-28-14 Attorney General Files Consumer Fraud Lawsuit against La’ James International College
08-27-14 Miller, Two States & U.S. Justice Department Require Tyson Foods to Divest Hog Market Buyer Ownership Prior to Hillshire Brands Buyout
08-25-14 New National “truth” Ads Target Teen Tobacco Use
08-07-14 Iowa Joins $35 Million Drug Settlement
08-05-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Object to EPA Narrowing Clean Water Act Permitting Exemptions for Farmers

July 2014

07-29-14 Abusive Military Consumer Lender to Stop Collecting from Service Members & Veterans, Must Erase Debts & Repair Credit
07-28-14 Ex-Securities Agent Extradited from Texas to Face Iowa Charges
07-18-14 Attorney General Asks Judge to Order Supplement Company to Halt Iowa Sales, Respond to Consumer Fraud Investigation
07-18-14 Judge Halts Company’s Iowa Sales of “Cancer Cure” Spray
07-14-14 Judge Bans Urbandale Magazine Telemarketer from Calling Iowans
07-08-14 400,000 Iowans Receiving Refund Notices in $40 Million Buying Club Cases

June 2014

06-20-14 Price Gouging Rules Take Effect for Counties Declared Disasters
06-18-14 Thousands of Iowans to Receive Refunds in Buying Club Case
06-17-14 Miller Reaches $550 Million Joint State-Federal Settlement with SunTrust to Address Mortgage Loan Origination, Servicing, and Foreclosure Abuses
06-11-14 Judge Finds Nebraska Owner of Western Iowa Care Centers and Husband Guilty of Contempt, Orders Three Months in Jail
06-06-14 Buying Club Company Agrees to Refund Iowa Consumers for Monthly “Membership” Charges
06-04-14 Miller, 43 State Attorneys General Reach $105 Million Consumer Settlement over Drug Marketing
06-04-14 Miller Warns of Storm-Related Scam Potential

May 2014

05-30-14 Judge Bars Eastern Iowa Contractor from Home Construction and Repair Work, Orders Payments to Customers
05-27-14 Judge Orders Lyon County Cattle Producer to Pay $12,000 for Water Pollution & Animal Feedlot Violations
05-21-14 Consumer Alert: Miller Urges eBay Users to Change Passwords
05-16-14 Ashford University and Parent Company Bridgepoint Education Agree to $7.25 Million Payment and Major Changes after Miller Alleges Consumer Fraud

April 2014

04-24-14 Miller Sues Des Moines Convenience Store Owners over Synthetic Drug Sales
04-18-14 Iowa Receives $71 Million in Annual Tobacco Payment
04-11-14 Fair Housing Group Honors Assistant Attorneys General for Housing Discrimination Case

March 2014

03-27-14 Judge Orders Grain Processing Corporation to Pay Record Civil Penalty, Improve Air Quality at Muscatine Plant
03-27-14 Iowa Consumers Receiving E-Book Settlement Refunds
03-25-14 Miller, Attorneys General Settle with Phusion Over “Four Loko”
03-05-14 Consumer Alert: Miller Warns of IRS Scam
03-04-14 Miller, State Attorneys General Urge CFPB to Adopt Rules to Address Debt Collection Practices

February 2014

2-24-14 Miller, Attorneys General Urge Senate Committee Leaders to Pass Patent Reform Legislation
2-09-14 Top 2013 Consumer Complaint: Home Mortgages
2-05-14 Miller Applauds CVS Decision to Quit Tobacco Sales, Urges Others to Follow Lead

January 2014

1-27-14 Miller Urges EPA to Maintain Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)
1-27-14 Miller, Attorneys General Urge U.S. Trade Representative to Protect States' Ability to Regulate Tobacco
1-23-14 Urbana Used Car Dealer Agrees to Refund Improper Charges, Follow Iowa Truth in Lending Act
1-14-14 Miller Urges Free Credit Monitoring for Target Customers
1-02-14 Miller Pleased Congress Extends Debt Forgiveness Relief Law in “Fiscal Cliff” Deal

December 2013

12-23-13 Miller Files One Call Lawsuits
12-20-13 Miller Urges Congress to Again Extend Tax Relief for Distressed Homeowners
12-19-13 Miller Addresses Ocwen Mortgage Servicing Wrongs through $2.1 Billion Joint State-Federal Settlement
12-19-13 Consumer Alert: Target Data Breach
12-17-13 Miller, State Attorneys General Ask Congress to Fund Anti-Human Trafficking Programs
12-17-13 Miller, State AGs Commend FTC Patent Troll Effort
12-12-13 Used Car Dealer Agrees to Refund
12-11-13 Miller Questions FDA's Approval of Painkiller

November 2013

11-21-13 Four Wireless Carriers to Stop Most Third-Party Billing
11-20-13 Miller Urges US House Vote on LGBT Anti-Discrimination Act
11-18-13 Google Pays State $275,000 in Settlement
11-18-13 Judge Bars Florida Fundraiser from Soliciting Iowans
11-15-13 Miller Cautions Iowans About Typhoon Relief Scams
11-12-13 Miller Urges Smartphone Manufacturers to Help Curb Thefts
11-04-13 Miller Calls on Legislature to Address E-Cigarettes

October 2013

10-30-13 Miller Warns of Deceptive Claims Tied to Affordable Care Act
10-29-13 Iowans Eligible for Money through MoneyGram Scam Fund
10-23-13 Judge Bars Arizona Company from Calling Iowans
10-21-13 Judge Bans Massachusetts Fundraiser from Soliciting to Iowans
10-18-13 Judge Orders JCPenney Affliates to Pay 2.7M in Buying
10-16-13 Consumer Alert: Online Driver’s Renewal Scams
10-10-13 Miller Settles with Affinion Group for more than $5 Million
10-02-13 Banks Face Four New Mortgage Servicing Enforcement Tests through National Mortgage Settlement

September 2013

9-30-13 Judge Orders West Des Moines Company, Owner to Pay $80,000 in Environmental Case
9-28-13 Des Moines Register Opinion Piece: ‘Miller: I’m Guided by Law and the Public Interest
9-26-13 State Files Environmental Lawsuit against Northwest Iowa Landfill Agency
9-24-13 Miller Calls on FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes, Prohibit Sales to Minors
9-17-13 Consumer Alert: Scammers Using Attorney General Logo & Name in “ATM MasterCard Alert”
9-13-13 Miller Sues Two Arizona Telemarketers for Misleading Iowans in the Name of Disabled Workers and Veterans
9-11-13 National Arbitration Panel Backs Iowa in Tobacco Payment Dispute
9-06-13 California Online Merchant to Refund Iowa Consumers

August 2013

8-30-13 Microsoft Support Scam Targets Iowans
8-22-13 Latest Mortgage Settlement Report: Banks Provide Nearly $40 Million in Settlement Relief to Iowa Homeowners
8-1-13 McCarthy Rejoins Attorney General's Office

July 2013

7-25-13 Miller Files Amendment in Muscatine Environmental Lawsuit

June 2013

6-27-13 Minnesota Mail Order Company to Refund Membership Charges
6-26-13 Consumer Alert: Medical Alert Scam Targets Older Iowans
6-04-13 6,000 Iowa Borrowers Receiving $1,480 Checks through National Mortgage Settlement

May 2013

5-30-13 New Mobile App Provides State and County Offender Custody Information to Iowa Crime Victims and Public
5-24-13 Judge Orders Arizona Company to Stop Solicitation Claims that its Fundraising Benefits Disabled Workers
5-22-13 Miller & State Attorneys General Reach Agreement with Penguin Group Inc. to Resolve E-Book Price-Fixing Allegations
5-21-13 Consumer Alert: Oklahoma Tornado Relief Scams
5-08-13 Judge Bars Michigan Fundraiser from Calling Iowans Until it Complies with Iowa Subpoena

April 2013

4-24-13 Attorney General Warns Iowa Flood & Storm Victims to Beware of Scams
4-19-13 Attorney General’s Office Celebrates 2013 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 21-27)
4-19-13 State Reaches Hog Production Agreement with Texas Farm LLC
4-18-13 Iowa Receives $65 Million Annual Tobacco Payment
4-16-13 Judge Bars Iowa Telemarketer from Iowa Fundraising
4-15-13 Judge Bars Iowa Telemarketer from Iowa Fundraising
4-09-13 Miller Joins Bipartisan Coalition of State Attorneys General Urging Congress to Act on Immigration Reform
4-02-13 Consumer Alert: Iowans Report Health Benefits Scam

March 2013

3-27-13 Miller Calls on U.S. Senate to Approve CFPB Director Cordray Nomination, Welcomes Cordray to Iowa for Thursday Public CFPB Hearing
3-25-13 Sound-Alike Government Property Records Company Must Stop Iowa Marketing & Billing
3-15-13 Miller Announces Support for U.S. Senate Bill that Targets For-Profit College Recruiting Budgets
3-11-13 Miller, State Attorneys General Call on FDA to Strengthen Efforts on Tamper-Resistant Painkillers
3-07-13 Miller Names Keokuk Care Center Owners in Medicaid Fraud Case
3-01-13 Grants Available to Enhance Swine Industry: New round of grants for seventh year of a 10-year, $1 million program

February 2013

2-21-13 Latest Mortgage Settlement Report: Banks Provide Nearly $32 Million in Settlement Relief to Iowa Homeowners
2-14-13 Miller Settles with Toyota in Unintended Acceleration Case
2-05-13 Miller Files Lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s: Lawsuit part of bipartisan multistate & federal civil enforcement actions, alleges S&P’s ratings services “compromised”

January 2013

1-31-13 Iowa Part of $120 Million Settlement with Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS)
1-24-13 Miller Supports Cordray for CFPB Post
1-15-13 Judge Bars Louisiana Man and Defunct Company from Marketing or Selling Vehicles in Iowa
1-09-13 eMusic Agrees to Refunds, More Disclosures about Monthly Music Downloading Memberships
1-04-13 Payment Claim Deadline Nears for Qualified Iowa Borrowers Who Lost Homes to Foreclosure
1-02-13 Miller Pleased Congress Extends Debt Forgiveness Relief Law in “Fiscal Cliff” Deal

December 2012

12-05-12 Attorney General Miller, Iowa Utilities and Utility Associations Remind Customers about Avoiding Utility-Related Scams
12-04-12 Miller Cautions Nationwide Insurance and Allied Insurance Customers, and Those Who May Have Sought Quotes from Companies, about Data Breach
12-03-12 Judge Sentences Cedar Rapids Investment Advisor to Prison, Orders $363,000 in Restitution to Dozens of Victims

November 2012

11-20-12 Miller, Attorneys General Ask Congress to Extend Tax Relief for Distressed Homeowners
11-15-12 Miller and 37 Attorneys General Reach $90 Million Diabetes Drug Settlement with GlaxoSmithKline
11-08-12 Cedar Rapids Used Car Dealer Agrees to Refunds, Changes after State Alleged Loan Disclosure, Fee & Contract Violations
11-02-12 Judges Order Two Arizona Telemarketers to Stop Targeting Iowans

October 2012

10-17-12 U.S. Attorney General Awards Assistant Iowa Attorney General Second Highest Employee Performance Award: Patrick Madigan a key negotiator in $25 billion national mortgage settlement
10-12-12 Judge Penalizes Latimer Salvage Yard Owner $40,000 for Environmental Violations
10-10-12 Attorney General Invites Public to Community Meetings to Highlight Statewide Victim Services Reorganization Plan
10-09-12 Miller, Attorneys General Urge Congress to Reject Bill Reducing Oversight of Payday Lenders

September 2012

9-24-12 Qualified Borrowers Who Lost Homes to Foreclosure to Receive Mailing, May Be Eligible for Payment
9-17-12 Oregon-based Buying Club Membership Operation Agrees to Refunds for Iowa Consumers
9-11-12 Judge Penalizes Clay County Hog Producer for Illegal Manure Discharge and Fish Kill
9-10-12 Workplace Labor Poster Company Agrees to Changes After State Alleges Deceptive Marketing, Pays $30,000 to State Fund
9-07-12 Ottumwa Used Car Dealer Agrees to Changes after State Alleged Unlawful Repossessions

August 2012

8-30-12 Miller, Two States Reach Agreement with E*Trade and TradeKing in Investigation of Retail Securities Brokerage Industry
8-30-12 Miller, Attorneys General Reach $69 Million Agreement with Three Major Publishers over E-book Price-fixing Allegations
8-30-12 Miller and 36 Attorneys General Reach Landmark $181 Million Settlement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals
8-29-12 Monitor’s “First Take” Report Shows Mortgage Settlement Impacting Iowa, National Foreclosures
8-15-12 Miller Sues Florida Fundraiser, Alleges Callers Seeking Donations Deceived Iowans -- Courtesy Health Watch raised money for several non-profit organizations
8-10-12 Excavators Tied to Major Natural Gas Pipeline Explosions Agree to Maximum Penalties:
Both failed to contact Iowa One Call, causing separate ruptures and explosions in April

July 2012

7-31-12 Judge Issues Injunction against Arizona Telemarketer, Miller Sues Company
7-24-12 Miller Urges Senators to Support Market Fairness Act
7-23-12 Des Moines Used Car Dealer to Cease Illegal Charges, Refund Customers
7-20-12 Mason City Used Vehicle Dealer Agrees to Comply with Truth in Lending Act, Discontinue Unlawful Disclosure Practices
7-18-12 Miller, 11 States Settle with US Fidelis, Secure $13 Million in Consumer Restitution Despite Bankruptcy Filing
7-18-12 Attorney General, Iowa DOT Reach $145,000 Settlement with Iowa Concrete Company Convicted of Manipulating Market
7-18-12 Judge Issues Injunction against what Attorney General Calls “Predatory Scheme” Targeting Iowa Businesses
7-18-12 Online Buying Club Merchant to Refund Iowa Consumers

June 2012

6-28-12 Statement on Supreme Court Ruling
6-27-12 Iowa Settles Investigation of For-Profit Schools Web Promoter
6-12-12 Des Moines Used Car Dealer to Cease Illegal Charges, Refund Customers
6-7-12 Judge Bars Urbandale Man from Foreclosure Consulting
6-1-12 Judge Orders West Des Moines Contractor to Repay Customers $160,000, Bars Future Home Contracting

May 2012

5-31-12 Judge Sentences Producer to 10 Years in Prison for Iowa Film Tax Credit Fraud
5-30-12 Miller, Attorneys General Urge Congress to Change For-Profit School Funding Rule
5-11-12 Miller & State Attorneys General Ask Movie Studios to Stop Depicting Smoking in Youth-Rated Movies
5-7-12 Miller, State Attorneys General Reach $100 Million Settlement over Off-Label Marketing of Prescription Drug Depakote
5-4-12 Judge Penalizes Bettendorf Company & Owner for Asbestos, Dumping & Burning Violations
5-1-12 State Launches New Protective Order Alert System for Victims of Violence

April 2012

4-17-12 Advocates across Iowa are “Extending the Vision: Reaching Every Victim”
4-17-12 Miller Statement on Pippen, et al v. State of Iowa, et al ruling
4-16-12 Miller Warns of Post-Tornado Scams, Announces Price Gouging Rules in Effect for Union & Fremont Counties
4-16-12 Miller Warns Iowans about Tree-Trimming Scams
4-13-12 Miller Calls for Fannie/Freddie Principal Reduction
4-12-12 Judge Orders Omaha Contractor to Comply with Consumer Fraud & Door-to-Door Sales Laws, Reimburse Iowa Customer
4-11-12 Miller Alleges U.S. Publishers Violate Antitrust Laws, E-Book Price-Fixing
4-09-12 U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Iowa Judicial Selection Process
4-06-12 Court Orders Finalize $25 Billion National Mortgage Servicing Settlement
4-06-12 Joe Seng Nominating Petition Decision and Order
4-02-12 Judge Penalizes Two Story County Companies for Violating “Iowa One Call” Law

March 2012

3-30-12 Miller Settles with Muscatine Used Vehicle Dealer
3-27-12 AG Response to Price Lab School Closure AG Opinion Request
3-26-12 Miller Settles with Iowa Door-to-Door Meat Seller
3-13-12 Online Education Attorney General Opinion
3-12-12 Miller, State AGs & Federal Government File Civil Complaint Against Five Mortgage Servicers

February 2012

2-23-12 Iowans Now Receiving Refunds of Unlawful Membership Charges by Ohio Marketing Company
2-22-12 Miller Joins Attorneys General in Challenging Google on New Privacy Policy
2-09-12 Miller Announces $25 Billion Joint State-Federal Mortgage Servicing Settlement on Foreclosure Wrongs
2-06-12 Iowa Part of Multistate Settlement with Debt Collector NCO Financial Systems

January 2012

1-12-12 Alabama Telemarketer Barred from Calling Iowans: Company misled Iowans about blind and disabled fundraising claims
1-10-12 $100,000 in Grants Available to Enhance Swine Industry
1-10-12 Polk County Judge Penalizes West Des Moines Company for One Call Violation
1-04-12 Miller Applauds Cordray CFPB Appointment

December 2011

12-27-11 Telebrands, Inc. Agrees to Refunds for Iowa Consumers
12-23-11 Iowa Part of $34.25 Million Multistate Settlement with GE Funding over Municipal Bond Derivatives Scheme
12-15-11 Cell Phone Robo-Call Bill Dies Following Outcry by Miller, Other State Attorneys General, and Consumers
12-07-11 Connecticut Company to Cease Sales to Iowans, Provide Refunds to Iowa Customers
12-01-11 Miller Sues Muscatine Company for Air & Water Pollution Control Violation

November 2011

11-23-11 Judge Penalizes Kossuth County Companies and Owners for Failing to Submit Manure Management Plans
11-16-11 Judge Penalizes Forest City Cattle Producer for Manure Discharge
11-08-11 Judge Penalizes Blairsburg Company for Eddyville Composting Facility Wastewater Discharge

October 2011

10-26-11 Polk County Judge Sets Court Date for Film Producer Charged in Iowa Film Tax Credit Case
10-26-11 Miller Asks Judge to Order Labor Law Poster Seller to Cooperate with Consumer Fraud Investigation
10-18-11 Judge Sentences Wheeler to Two Years’ Probation
10-07-11 Iowans Targeted By Credit Card Telephone Robo-Scam Urged to Report Incident to Federal “IC3”
10-03-11 Former Adair City Clerk & Former City Employee, Mother & Son, Plead Guilty in Felony Theft Case

September 2011

9-21-11 Virginia “Disabilities” Solicitor Agrees to Iowa Call Ban
9-15-11 State Reaches Hog Production Agreement with AgFeed Industries, Inc.
9-14-11 Federal-State Partnership Leads to First Mortgage Fraud Indictments
9-06-11 Miller Statement on Wheeler Verdict

August 2011

8-31-11 Miller Asks Backpage.com to Prove It Fights Human Trafficking
8-30-11 Judge Bars Arizona “Disabilities” Fundraiser from Targeting Iowans
8-16-11 Miller Sues Texas Buying Club
8-16-11 Judge Bans Professional Fundraiser from Iowa Fundraising
8-9-11 Minnesota Professional Fundraisers to Stay Out of Iowa
8-8-11 Janelle Melohn to Head Crime Victim Assistance Division
8-5-11 Elgin Enters Guilty Plea in Film Office Criminal Case
8-4-11 Judge Penalizes Hawarden Producer for Manure Discharge & Land Application

July 2011

7-14-11 Car Rental Company to Disclose Tax in Online Quotes
7-13-11 Judge Orders Sioux Center Company to Close Lagoon, Penalizes Company in Environmental Case: Company also agrees to cease land-applying wastewater
7-13-11 Two Former City Employees Charged with Theft of Adair City Funds

June 2011

6-29-11 Judge Orders Omaha Contractor to Comply with AG Subpoena
6-23-11 Miller, 36 States Reach $40.75 Million Settlement with GlaxoSmithKline and SB Pharmco
6-15-11 Judge Imposes Ten-Year Fundraising Ban on Florida Charity
6-07-11 “Yellow Pages” Look-Alike to Stop Iowa Marketing
6-03-11 Miller Files Lawsuit Against For-Profit “Disabilities” Fundraiser
6-02-11 Attorney General Alleges Consumer Fraud in Lawsuit Against West Des Moines Contractor
6-02-11 Price Gouging Rule Takes Effect in Six Counties
6-02-11 Miller to State Lawmakers: Keep Notices Going to Iowans Facing Foreclosure

May 2011

5-25-11 Consumer Alert: Give Wisely to Disaster Victims
5-17-11 Judge Hands Down Sentences in Film Office Case
5-9-11 Attorney General Announces Agreement with Circle K to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors
5-9-11 Attorney General Miller Settles with Hollywood Video over Late Fees, Debt Collection
5-6-11 Price Gouging Rules Take Effect in Six Counties

April 2011

4-25-11 City of Dubuque Agrees to Improve Sewer System, Pay Penalty in Settlement with State AG, U.S. EPA
4-22-11 Judge Dismisses Judicial Retention Vote Lawsuit
4-21-11 Miller Expresses Concerns to Pabst Over “Blast” High Alcohol Drink
4-21-11 State Recovers $215 Million IPERS Money from Westridge Fraud Case
4-20-11 Terra Industries to Pay Penalty, Install Pollution Controls at Iowa Acid Plants
4-14-11 Miller Warns of Post-Tornado Scams & Consumer Protection Issues
4-7-11 Second Sound-Alike Government Document Seller to Stop Marketing to Iowans
4-6-11 Court Orders Camanche Used Car Sellers to Cease
4-5-11 Iowans’ E-Mail Accounts Exposed Following Data Security Breach

March 2011

3-31-11 Michigan Professional Fundraiser Ordered to Change Telephone Soliciting Practices
3-30-11 State Reaches Hog Production Agreement with Christensen Farms Midwest
3-14-11 Sound-Alike Government Document Company Stops Marketing Deeds to Iowans
3-14-11 Japan Relief Scams
3-10-11 Miller, Dozens of State AGs Reach Landmark $68.5 Million Astrazeneca Pharmacueticals Settlement
3-8-11 Judge Orders Vertrue to Pay Nearly $33 Million

February 2011

2-23-11 Miller Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Arizona Campaign Finance Law
2-14-11 Statement of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Impeachment: There is no short answer

January 2011

1-25-11 $100,000 in Grants Available to Enhance Swine Industry New round of grants for 5th year of a program totaling $1 million over 10 years
1-24-11 Judge Penalizes Washington, Iowa Company for "One Call" Violation
1-19-11 Judge Dismisses Challenge to Iowa Judicial Nominating Commission: Ruling: Plaintiffs' Arguments "Fatally Flawed"
1-18-11 Attorney General's Statement on Governor's Health Care Lawsuit Sign-On
1-14-11 New Charge, Plea in Film Office Case
1-14-11 Miller Names Schuling as Consumer Advocate
1-11-11 Felony Charges Filed in Film Office Case
1-7-11 Attorney General Miller Offers Consumer Protection Assistance to Deployed Service Members and Families
1-3-11 Lawsuit Alleges Environmental Damage from Manure Release

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