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6. Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator

[2006 Annual Report (HTML), 2006 Annual Report (PDF) ]

The Office of Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator (PATC) has four main duties:

  • It provides in-depth training programs for county attorneys in civil and criminal law.

  • With funds from the Office of Drug Control Policy, it provides training and assistance to county attorneys and law enforcement agencies in drug-related prosecutions and takes referrals of drug-related cases for prosecution.

  • With funds from the Governor's highway safety programs, it provides education and assistance to county attorneys and law enforcement in OWI and related traffic safety cases and takes referrals of such cases for prosecution.

  • In cooperation with the state Office of Drug Control Policy, it coordinates Drug-Endangered Children programs throughout the state encouraging the formation of multi-disciplinary teams at the local level, conducting training, and providing technical assistance to county attorneys who deal with the effects of drug-endangered children.

The Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator provides continuing education, training and support for Iowa prosecuting attorneys, their assistants and their victim/witness coordinators in order to promote the uniform and effective administration of criminal justice. Services are provided to all 99 county attorneys, approximately 280 assistant county attorneys and 50 victim/witness coordinators, as well as to other government attorneys and law enforcement officials. The coordinator is assisted in an advisory capacity by a council consisting of the Attorney General, the president of the Iowa County Attorneys Association and three county attorneys elected to staggered three- year terms. The office was created in 1975 and its duties and functions are found in Iowa Code Chapter 13A.
The Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator annually provides approximately 120 hours of training and 75 or more hours of continuing legal education. Training events normally include annual spring and fall County Attorney Conferences and New Legislation Workshops, as well as specialized training on topics of search and seizure, drug enforcement, OWI law, victim / witness assistance issues, and child abuse detection and prosecution.

In addition to continuing education, the Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator provides administrative support services, technical assistance, and educational publications to prosecutors and law enforcement officials. Publications include: Annotations, Highway Safety Law Update, Iowa County Attorney Civil Law Update and Drug Enforcement Update. The PATC also publishes eight legal manuals: Iowa Charging Manual, OWI and Traffic Offenses Manual, Prosecution of Domestic Violence in Iowa, Iowa Sex Abuse Prosecution Manual, Iowa Search and Seizure Manual, Iowa Civil Desk Reference, Criminal Law Handbook, and Iowa Acts of Interest to Law Enforcement. The Comprehensive Career Criminal and Drug Prosecution Support Program provides research assistance and training to multi-jurisdictional task forces and prosecutors across Iowa. The OWI/Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor coordinates efforts of prosecutors of impaired driving and related offenses through specialized publications, newsletters and instructional programs. The Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator administers the Attorney General's asset forfeiture program established by Iowa Code Chapter 809A which returns 90% of the proceeds of forfeiture cases to governmental agencies to enhance law enforcement within the state