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Credit and Finance Consumer Advisory Bulletins

The Consumer Advisory is Attorney General Tom Miller's monthly bulletin with tips and information about a comprehensive list of consumer issues.

Tax Time Scams & Tips
First You Win, Then You Lose
How to Hinder Hackers? Protect Your Password!
Unauthorized Charges & “Free Trial” Offers
Student Loan “Rescue” Companies Are No Lifeline!
Home Repairs & Home Improvements
Your Credit Report & Credit Score
Placing a Security Freeze on Your Credit Report to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
Navigating the New Health Insurance Marketplace
Don’t Touch That Wire! Money Transfer Scams
Debt Relief Scams: More Headache than Relief
Reverse Mortgages
Credit Card Offers: They’re Not All the Same
A Lesson in For-Profit Colleges
Identity Theft & Medical Identity Theft Target Older Iowans
Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards: They May Look the Same, But They're Different!
Tax Refund Loans: High Costs for Quick Cash
Mounting Mortgage Payments? Call the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline!
Beware of "Free Trial Offers"
New Protections for Credit Card Consumers
Foreclosure Rescue Scams
Beware: Counterfeit Check Scams
Counterfeit Cashier’s Check Scam Grows
Prevent Identity Theft
"Phishing" Scams Use New Tricks
Call the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline
Consumer Tips for Holiday Shoppers
Freezing Your Credit Report
Credit Cards on Student Incomes: Proceed With Caution -- and Shop With Care!
New Iowa "Foreclosure Hotline" -- 877-622-4866
Fair Debt Collection: Know Your Rights
Gift Card Fact Sheet: Tips for Consumers
Avoid Car Title Loans
Get Your FREE Credit Reports
Guard Your Bank Accounts
"Payday Loans" -- Dollars Down the Drain?
Medicare Rx Drug Discount Cards: Check 'em out -- but Beware of Scams
Nigeria Counterfeit Check Scam: Warning! Phony Cashier's Checks Cheat On-Line Sellers
Beware of Scheme Targeting African Americans
"Rent-to-Own" -- Know the Costs!
Home Equity Loans: Save for Months -- Pay for Decades
Zero-Percent Financing" Can Cost You Plenty!
"Credit Card Protection Plans" -- Paying for What You Can Do for Free?
Credit Insurance: Is it a Good Idea for You?
Advance Fee "Loan Broker" Schemes
Avoid Pyramid Schemes. Pyramids schemes are illegal -- and are destined to fail